Do you practice a sensual or erotic art form? If so, we’d like to feature YOU!

NTMC Suite Artist: Raymond Kennedy, Jr. Photography

The NTMC Suite: Candid Conversations on Love, SexX & Relationships is an extension of our annual visual and performing art exhibition, SeptembERotica: The Art Show. It was CREATEd to explore, discuss and debate varying facets of our intimate identities in a safe + fun space. Hey, we just wanna encourage and embolden folks to experience thriving and fulfilling relationships with themselves and others! Buckle up and enjoy the ride (pun intended) because no topic is too nice or too nasssty.

The NTMC Suite discussion typically takes place on HUMP Day, i.e. Wednesday, but if you’d like to indulge in Love, SexX & Relationship dialogue more frequently you can:

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Let’s get REAL.

Let’s get GROWN.

Let’s get INTIMATE.