GLoveBoxX Arts & Ent. is a multi-media goodie bag of ingenuity. Or maybe it’s just some simple shit with a twist, but either way, YOU are in the right place. Listen, our mission is simple – to CREATE. As we navigate what we’ve termed the Self-ART-Community Continuum, we consistently strive to:

  • CREATE varying genres of fresh content, projects, programming and events┬áthat run the gamut from educational to entertaining
  • CREATE increased visibility and paid opportunities for independent artists and businesses to stimulate economic sustainability in those sectors
  • CREATE a culture that artfully challenges regressive and/or oppressive societal norms in pursuit of FREEDOM through unadulterated expression

Sound like a plan? Well, jump on this bandwagon then! No, not as a follower but as an independent, free-thinking member of this creative revolution. Come on … we dare you. No, we DOUBLE DOG dare you to be BIG, be BOLD, be outside the BOXX … and to look fly while doing so.

Welcome. We’re happy to have you.

art. culture. cool.


Keidra P.

Founder/Artistic Engineer

Born by the river in a little tent, KDP always desired to be athletic but the self-proclaimed social hermit, nap enthusiast, birthday cake connoisseur and lover of ``The Finer Things`` such as exotic finds at Goodwill, got stuck doing this art thang. KDP = artist, writer, thinker, dreamer, CREATOR ... period. Take flight.

Beats BoxXHead


The coolest guy this side of the Mississippi, Beats, our resident treasure trove of conceptual architecture is liable to inspire just about ... anything. He's a boxX of chocolates, a boxX of trixX, a boxX of surprises ... hell, a boxX of special fried rice with extra onion even. He's our son, our star, our MUSE.


Point Guard

This Chicago Bulls lovin', chocolate indulgin' and Pepsi poppin' photog is able to handle the ball, pass, assess the court and score when necessary ... in WHATEVER capacity required. You can catch this mom of two young men snapping pics, watching a game or whipping up her world famous chicken alfredo.