Art by Nikkolas Smith

Today I will not draw joy… today I draw Pain. Today I sketch Injustice. Today I paint a prayer… “If I shall die before my run, I pray the Lord my case is won.”
– Artist Nikkolas Smith

Today Ahmaud Arbery would be 26 years old.

Father/son duo Gregory and Travis McMichael suspected Arbery of burglarizing homes in their Brunswick, Georgia neighborhood and one day while jogging, they followed and confronted him. The McMichael’s were in a pickup truck and armed – with a shotgun and a .357. An altercation ensued and Ahmaud Arbery lost his life.

The killing took place on February 23rd and until a cell phone video surfaced earlier this week documenting the altercation and contradicting the McMichael’s report, neither man had been arrested by local authorities.




Illustrations by artist/activist/author Nikkolas Smith.